May 21, 2018

Achievement Unlocked - Technical Marketing Architect, Automation

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Achievement Unlocked! Technical Marketing Architect, Cloud Management Business Unit!

Representing vRealize Automation

Today, I can finally announce that I have formally accepted and will be moving into the Cloud Management Business Unit as a Technical Marketing Architect, representing the vRealize Automation stack.

To say this is a huge accomplishment is the understatement of the century. It’s corny to say outloud (or type on a blog…) - but the role I am moving into is my dream job, flat out. I remember in my first interviews, or even on my first day, people asking me “Where do you want to get to one day?” and my answer immediately being “I want to evangelize and enable others to consume our Automation suite, because I really believe in the product and platform - and think there’s an amazing story to tell there that still isn’t done. I think the best place for me is Technical Marketing." I still feel that way today! I’ll say that I thought the journey was going to take me several more years - but life has a way of presenting you with opportunities and challenges when IT thinks you are ready. I remember at the start of this interview process feeling the feeling of “I have a good shot at this, but it’s still a long shot. I’ve got a long hill to climb.” Funny how things work out!

I think there’s a lot to say around the journey this whole process has taken me on. Theres definitely a blog post to be written another time about the lessons I’ve learned preparing to interview for this position, or even around managing the up and down emotions that come along with chasing dreams. There’s a handful of people that we’re probably totally sick of hearing me talk about this behind closed doors. You all know who you are, and know how much I appreciated it.

It’s funny when I think back to where my journey with vCloud Automation Center (see!) started. There’s a gentleman by the name of Z House (who now works with our VMware Cloud on AWS offerings with the Customer Success team) who was actually in Professional Services when we deployed our Private Cloud environment at my previous employer. I remember watching him move through the demonstrations in the early talks, and then working through transforming the entire way we operated from an infrastructure and services deployment organization during the actual implementation. I was hooked from the start. Yeah, vCAC had it’s rough edges - vRA has PLENTY of rough edges still - but I really believe in my gut that it’s the best at doing what it does. When we look at the future of Cloud Management - its hard for me not to get giddy with excitement about what’s to come. It’s going to be a blast being out there with all of YOU sharing “what’s next”.

Closing Thoughts

I 100% believe that my activity with the vCommunity was a HUGE part of what prepared me to be able to successfully interview for this. Yes, theres a certain amount of tenacity that you have to have, and drive, and confidence, and all of those “feel good” things. I got a lot of experience talking to customers as a Systems Engineer. All that being said - I really feel like my interactions with the vCommunity (vBrownBag, VMware Code, VMUG, etc…) we’re what really prepared me to make a run at taking it to the next level.

The other thing I’ll say is I’m INCREDIBLY thankful to the people around me. I’m a huge believer in the concept of “bring people with you”; the idea that we’re better as humans when we’re watching out for the people around us. This was a time where people reciprocated this back onto me. Like I talked about above; there’s a lot to be said about journey with something like this. The friendly ears and support I’ve gotten (Especially during mid-freak-out, thats a story you’ll have to bug Brian Graf to tell you some time…) about silly “what if’s”, hard days, times of doubt…they’ve been nothing short of amazing.

So tonight I’ll hang out with my Wife (who’s also been insanely patient with me…) and 2 girls, have some dinner - and just be thankful for all the good opportunities in my life. It’s a good time to be alive, and a good time to be at VMware!

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