September 2, 2017

ClarityUI Python Flask Example

Hey All!

Back from VMworld. I have so many blog posts I want to fire up about my time there; but I had an immediate need to throw this quick post together for a buddy.

I’ve built a simple ClarityUI example for use with Python Flask. It should give users a pretty easy idea on how to start building a web application with Python and Flask that will utilize the non-angular Clarity UI objects. Flask is purely server-side code; so it doesn’t really have an engine in place to handle the user side code. Take a look at the examples below for what the site looks like without any changes.

<img src="/images/2017-09-02-clarityui-python-example/Login-Page-Sample.JPG#center" alt=“Login Page Sample” style=“width 700px”;>

<img src="/images/2017-09-02-clarityui-python-example/workflow-list-example.JPG#center" alt=“Workflow List Sample” style=“width 700px”;>

<img src="/images/2017-09-02-clarityui-python-example/vmlist.JPG#center" alt=“VM List Sample” style=“width 700px”;>

I’ll be throwing together an example in the future that will encompass the Angular components as well, likely hosted behind Nginx.

For now, here’s the GitHub URL. My hope is that people will use this, expand on it, and drop pull requests in to expand the example!

Thanks all, enjoy!


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