Featured Session! #VMWorld2015 - MGT5956 -- Automating SDDC using Blueprints: A foundation for DevOps

Featured Session! #VMWorld2015 - MGT5956 -- Automating SDDC using Blueprints: A foundation for DevOps

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This blog post was pulled directly from my Day 2 Ramble. This session was so informative - that it merited it's own posting independently. The items coming in vRA Next are truly going to make it a force to be reckoned with within the Private and Public Cloud space. Its deep integration's with VMWare's Suite of products is going to be amazing to see come to life!

This session was the session I had been waiting for.

Actually, before we jump in - a funny story about this session. I'm pretty sure the name was changed at some point. I entered all of my sessions into my calendar when I reserved then, and this session is currently still in my calendar as “MGT5956 - vRealize Automation Blueprint Unification”. This made it extremely confusing when I arrived at my session, and found it titled “MGT5956 – Automating SDDC using Blueprints: A foundation for DevOps”. Tricky VMWare. I see what you did there.

With that said however, inside, the beast was the same. I loved this session. Real meat and potatoes content around the future of vRA. The GUI of “mystery vRA product version” looks amazing. Greatly improved integration with NSX is clear, and a very “Application Services” feel is also apparent in the workflow. Adding of XaaS, Machines, Software components, and Network & Security components are all as simple as dragging down into a canvas and creating the linked relationship with the environment. It really feels like a greatly improved version of Application Services!

The canvas is really an interesting part as well, because it really gives you the opportunity to visualize the relationship between all of the components you are deploying. You can literally see the virtual wires for NSX that you are deploying to, the NIC relationship to those wires, the works!

Additional features include the ability to fully export your workflows individually into “Blueprints as code”. This creates some interesting dynamics in my mind around the potential of sharing these blueprints in various community forums. Find someone who does SQL deployments better than you do and posted it on the internet? Fantastic. Like Alan Renouf said at a session, its not stealing - its sharing. VMWare is really working to create community shareable technology and a consistent theme i've seen in all of my sessions is a real value placed on the community aspects of the product suites.

The speakers were very cagey on any sort of timelines for release, and whether or not this is a real product - or simply a plugin. By the looks of it - I suspect we were seeing early pictures of the next version of vRealize.