Amazon Echo and VMware - Intro to Gideon's Management Interface with ClarityUI

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Hey all!

Quick update today around the project we’ve been working on around leveraging the Amazon Echo, Python, and VMware API’s to bring voice command capability to VMware management. 2 major changes to the platform to note

  • Gideon now runs as a container instead of the python development interface, or running Apache with WSGI. The container drastically improves resource utilization, agility, and development speed.

  • Management interface implemented using ClarityUI to match VMware products and services moving forward

  • Early vSAN and VAMI API’s implemented

  • New intents for provisioned memory, CPU, and appliance up time implemented

Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration.

Huge shout-out to William Lam at for the help with building the container more efficiently as well as adding in the start of the vSAN and VAMI interface API’s for the platform. William did a fantastic post here about his integrations, and the video demo is absolutely worth watching!

Can’t wait to share more progress as we move forward.