My VMworld 2018 Goal

My VMworld 2018 Goal

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My VMworld 2018 Goal

This is going to be a pretty simple post, not a lot of fluff around it. It’s a bit ironic because the above banner from VMware in some ways spells out the heart of what I’m shooting for with my goal - “Possibility begins with you”.

At the core of me, I find the most satisfaction when I’m teaching people how to do things. I love the feeling of sharing knowledge, and watching that ligthbulb go off in peoples head when something finally “clicks” for them. So many people have taken chances, and taken time with me - and repaying that is my way to stay square with the universe. People will always remember the people who helped them along the way.

MY goal for VMworld This Year is to “Teach”

Being completely clear on the specifics of the goal - I’d like to put myself in situations that allow me to take 3 small groups of people, or 3 individuals - and teach them something new.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in Python, and want to know how to get started. Maybe you’ve been trying to figure out how to solve problems with vRealize Automation but again, haven’t known where to get started. Maybe you want to get started with interacting in the vCommunity, and want advice on what topics to cover? Are you thinking of starting up a homelab, or redesigning it and want some help? Are you looking for public speaking advice?

If there’s something you think I know about - and you’re open to learning - I want to talk to you at VMworld! Let’s grab some drinks, grab a table in the hands on lab, a space in the communities area - and get to talking!


As I started off with, the theme of VMworld this year is “Possibility Begins With You”. I can still name every person who took the time to really “teach” me things along the way in my career. Possibility begins with ourselves taking action to better the people around us. It beings with curiosity, and thinking “Maybe I could learn how to do that too…“. Finally, possibility begins with inspiration - it begins with a spark of interest, that might just turn into a fire and change your world. If I can help you get there in any way - I want to talk to you at VMworld this year!