#NET7648 - NSX/vRA Automation Demo Content #VMworld

#NET7648 - NSX/vRA Automation Demo Content #VMworld

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Hi All!

My session is done! I wanted to go ahead and drop this content out into the “space” so you guys could pull it down for testing.

Attached I have the following items.

  • vRealize Orchestrator Actions for Costing
  • XaaS Deployment Workflow
  • PowerNSX Powershell script for staging my NSX Distributed Firewall Rules (Creating Sections, Creating Rules, Basic Micro Segmentation)

The workflows were added to a package and deployed so you can import the package directly. This will be loaded onto Developer Exchange in the near future as examples. This package contains all the custom actions used in the workflow as well as the XaaS workflow.


The script is just a simple .ps1 script. Wordpress is a powershell script hater so i've dropped this into GitHub - Humblelab Git


Workflow Screenshot

Action Screenshot

Remember - this isn't production code. It was parsed WAY down to be a demo at VMworld. A lot of love went into the production stuff; this was more of a love hate relationship building the demo content :)

Thanks for the interest and thanks for attending!