Introduction VMware ClarityUI is VMware's standard set of UI controls which our platform interfaces are built from. Prior to ClarityUI; each business unit independently designed their interfaces, which led to quite a diverse set of interfaces - and a bit of a reputation in the community which was was not a good one… The Clarity team introduced this set of Angular components for quickly bootstrapping and building next generation user interfaces and more importantly, improved user experiences.

!!Spoiler Alert!! - This is not a “I'm moving all the things to public cloud” blog post… Added 5/7/2019 I've had a few discussions since posting this blog around the implication that im just moving all my “stuff” to AWS. Totally not the case by any means! Spoiler alert; this blog post was never really about me powering off my homelab. It was about the evolution of what resources i'm using to further my learning.

Here we go Again, With A Deeply Personal Blog Post I'm a firm believer that we all carry around pieces of our past with us from the time they happen, until the time we leave this world. Some of those pieces weigh more than others and often times that weight is a variable concept that changes based on what's going on around us. Often times, we might think that eventually they go away.

Building Templates Manually is Boring AF Quite a while back I did a post around leveraging HashiCorp's Packer product to build vSphere Templates. There was a couple gaps that existed coming out of that post… I was wicked new to Packer and had much to learn The Packer post-provisioner was immature when it came to vSphere Template conversion, meaning, it couldn't do it at the time Refresher on Packer What is Packer?

What's in the Box?! I do a ton of development work across a variety of platforms. I like to tinker with automation in various scripting forms (Python, Powershell, some Golang, Ruby (because Puppet)). I like to tinker with my blog from a website perspective, so I'm doing a lot of web language work all of the time (HTML, CSS, Typescript/Angular, etc…). I use all of the above to work back with a number of different API endpoints (too many to list; but most commonly vRA/CAS these days).

Introduction I do a TON in my homelab. It's funny; I've moved into a role where I have a ton of “company” resources that I can work with - On-Demand resources, a VMC cluster, 2 on-premises datacenters - but I still make a point to keep my homelab up and running. It gives me a place to “play”. In a weird sort of way; it's a calming place for me.

My VMworld 2018 Goal This is going to be a pretty simple post, not a lot of fluff around it. It's a bit ironic because the above banner from VMware in some ways spells out the heart of what I'm shooting for with my goal - “Possibility begins with you”. At the core of me, I find the most satisfaction when I'm teaching people how to do things. I love the feeling of sharing knowledge, and watching that ligthbulb go off in peoples head when something finally “clicks” for them.

Here We Go Again! Another year past, and we're back at VMworld time again. This time around, its a very different conference for me. Since moving into the new role, VMworld “stuff” is actually part of my real JOB - imagine that! It's a pretty insane year for me, I'm going to be all over the place - but I'm looking forward to it. There's a ton of people I'm hoping to run into; if you're reading this - I'm willing to bet you are one of them.

Before Anything Else - My Ask I'm about to lay out some extremely deep, personal stuff. My ask is that if this resonates with you, consider putting your thoughts down about it as well. Sharing my post is great, and is always appreciated - but the more voices we can get “out” talking about this stuff the better. We can change the culture that's been created - but we can only do it with many voices.

<img src=”/images/vRA-Product-Icon-Mac_0.png#center” alt="vRA”;> Achievement Unlocked! Technical Marketing Architect, Cloud Management Business Unit! Representing vRealize Automation Today, I can finally announce that I have formally accepted and will be moving into the Cloud Management Business Unit as a Technical Marketing Architect, representing the vRealize Automation stack. To say this is a huge accomplishment is the understatement of the century. It's corny to say outloud (or type on a blog…) - but the role I am moving into is my dream job, flat out.