This weekend I discovered Packer from HashiCorp. And My World Was Changed…Just Way After Everyone Else I had decided to add a few more catalog items to vRealize Automation and realized that I didn't have any Ubuntu templates loaded in my environment. I figured I would load up a couple builds - specifically 16.04 and 17.04. I hopped on Google and started looking for best practices around configuring a Ubuntu template and stumbled upon articles discussing automating template builds with something called Packer.

Key Takeaways The VMware Virtual Reality Datacenter Experience repo has gone live! Visit Alan's blog post here for more details The GitHub to contribute is here The page for more information is here Created through an internal VMware Hackathon (have I mentioned how much I love working here?) by an all-star team consisting of Alan, William Lam, Yateendra Kulkarni, Vinod Pai and Steve Trefethen The VMware Virtual Reality Experience Alan Renouf dropped a huge release today, the Virtual Reality experience his Hackathon team built out to prove the concept of accessing a vCenter cluster using an HTC Vive VR kit.

On Our Last Adventure This is a continuation on of my post on vRealize Automation API's located here - Introduction to vRealize Automation REST API's Previously we looked at how to do some basic interaction with the vRealize Automaton API which mostly consisted of pulling data out from a reporting perspective and dropping it into a table to display back. This is cool, and can be extremely helpful - but now with that foundational knowledge we can start to push the ball further.

Update 10/16/2017 The Github for the examples I share later on in this article can be found at An Introduction to “Function as a Service” What is Function as a Service (FaaS)? It's the concept of a platform that will run functions “on-demand”, spinning up the resources as needed, executing the function, and destroying unused infrastructure (for the most part, more on that later). For my efforts, I've been leveraging OpenFaaS.

All Cloud Native Everything At VMworld 2017 we announced our joint venture with Pivotal, PKS to deliver Kubernetes to the enterprise, fully integrated with the VMware platform. This announcement solidifies that Kubernetes is a HUGE part of VMware's identity moving forward. For those of you completely unfamiliar with Kubernetes, the most popular container scheduling and orchestration platform by far, I suggest you study up. It's going to be a big deal moving forward!

Important Notes The GitHub for all the content in this post is Please check out the Special Shout Out at the Bottom of this post referring Russell Pope with Kovarus, and his vRealize Python SDK at On October 11th, Jad El-Zein, Principal Architect from VMware's Cloud Management Business Unit, is doing a vBrownBag on vRealize Automation API - Make sure you attend! Make sure to check out Jon Schulman's post regarding vRealize Automations API's which also includes PostMan examples for API needs!

Hey All! Back from VMworld. I have so many blog posts I want to fire up about my time there; but I had an immediate need to throw this quick post together for a buddy. I've built a simple ClarityUI example for use with Python Flask. It should give users a pretty easy idea on how to start building a web application with Python and Flask that will utilize the non-angular Clarity UI objects.

My First VMworld as an Employee… A little bit of reflection… This is absolutely not a technical post. This is a bit of a ramble post. I don't have a problem admitting that this is a bit of an emotional VMworld for me. Many of you don't realize, that I came from an employer that I was at for almost 10 years. Coming over was a very exciting thing; but not an easy thing.

Summary William Lam and I are doing a Hackathon Training class on Integrating VMware API's and Amazon Echo - Session ID is VMTN6721U. It runs Monday Night 6:30pm-8pm. A preview of the content is below; along with the FIRST screenshot of the content. The class will be interactive, fun, with minimal slideware focusing on Hands on work instead Primarily taught in Python, we will leverage Flask, Flask-Ask, and VMware’s REST API's to build some cool voice integrations with the platform We will also touch on leveraging ClarityUI and containers Afterwards, I'm leading a hackathon team named The Humble Brackets where we will target expanding the integration in some really crazy ways.

The Short Version My blog has been migrated off of Wordpress and onto AWS S3 I'm using AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild to automate the deployment process as I commit posts to a private Github repository AWS CloudFront is running as a CDN which is providing a crazy fast cache as well as redundancy across the US The cost is estimated at less than $1 a month for the entire solution.