As I'm writing this, it's day 3. I feel like im caught in a time vortex - revisiting the past while thinking about sessions from the present knowing that i'm about to enter the future. Time travel is a blog for another day. Yesterdays sessions were - MGT5952 – What's New and What's Next in VMware vCloud Suite MGT5905 – How VMware uses vRealize Suite to Manage Its Engineering Labs: A Deep Dive MGT5956 – Automating SDDC using Blueprints: A foundation for DevOps MGT5973 – Automate the Deployment of NSX and Micro-Segmentation: A Deep Dive INF5211 – Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI: A Deep Dive

For Day 1, I had the following sessions scheduled. MGT5913 — How VMware Improved Developer Productivity with vRealize Automation to Deploy the vRealize Automation Application Stack NET5529 — The Practical Path to NSX MGT5360 — Introducing Application Self-Service with Networking and Security Using vRealize Automation and NSX I'd like to touch on my thoughts on each of these sessions and they translate to a business, and my lab where applicable…

This post is the first post in my introductory series on my VMWorld experiences. As with all things, my opinions and personal experiences are my own and are no reflection of the company I work for. Through a series of events I was able to actually attend VMWorld 2015. This was my first VMWorld adventure. With my companies heavy focus on vCAC/vRA/vBlock/EHC/NSX/vWhateveElseWeCanThinkOf. I got my tickets only 3 weeks ago, so many of the sessions I really wanted to get into were already full.