March 15, 2018

Working With The VMware Cloud on AWS REST API and Python

<img src="/images/03-15-2018-vmc-api-python/vmware-cloud-aws.jpg#center" alt=“VMC API Developer Center” style=“width 125px”;> For those purely interested in the code example; here you go! GIST of VMware Cloud on AWS API Example Code - I have also created examples on the VMware Code Sample exchange here. Introduction I’ve been playing with the REST API for VMware Cloud on AWS a lot lately for a variety of reasons. This has given me a good view into a lot of use-cases where programmatic access would be preferred to the “point and click” of the GUI (although the GUI is pretty nice…that ClarityUI though! Read more

October 17, 2017

vRealize Automation REST API With Python - Part 2 - Interacting With The Catalog

On Our Last Adventure This is a continuation on of my post on vRealize Automation API’s located here - Introduction to vRealize Automation REST API’s Previously we looked at how to do some basic interaction with the vRealize Automaton API which mostly consisted of pulling data out from a reporting perspective and dropping it into a table to display back. This is cool, and can be extremely helpful - but now with that foundational knowledge we can start to push the ball further. Read more

November 10, 2016

Infrastructure and Management as Code - Intro to vSphere API with Python

I’ve had a few goals for learning this year. One of them has been to crack open the scripting world of Python. Knowing that the current version’s of vSphere have an incredible Python based API; but not being skilled enough to use it has been…challenging. Ultimately; I’ve wanted to utilize the API to create a number of detailed infrastructure level reports. I’ve created workarounds to complete these goals using vRealize Orchestrator - creating inserts into a SQL database that dump machine facts via custom properties. Read more

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