April 15, 2019

Getting Started With ClarityUI

Introduction VMware ClarityUI is VMware’s standard set of UI controls which our platform interfaces are built from. Prior to ClarityUI; each business unit independently designed their interfaces, which led to quite a diverse set of interfaces - and a bit of a reputation in the community which was was not a good one… The Clarity team introduced this set of Angular components for quickly bootstrapping and building next generation user interfaces and more importantly, improved user experiences. Read more

December 28, 2017

Redesigning My Blog With ClarityUI

If you have visited my blog previously, you’ll notice that the design has largely changed. In case you need a reminder of the old design… <img src="/images/2017-12-28-Redesigning-my-blog-with-clarity/oldblog.png#center" alt=“Old Blog Design” style=“width 700px”;> I’ve finally found some time to jump in and integrate the HTML components of ClarityUI into my hugo blog. My buddy Grant Orchard beat me to the punch in styling his blog with ClarityUI a few months back - so now that I’ve finally jumped on the wagon, I wanted to get this post out to be a bit of a tour around some of the features I’ve setup on mine. Read more

September 2, 2017

ClarityUI Python Flask Example

Hey All! Back from VMworld. I have so many blog posts I want to fire up about my time there; but I had an immediate need to throw this quick post together for a buddy. I’ve built a simple ClarityUI example for use with Python Flask. It should give users a pretty easy idea on how to start building a web application with Python and Flask that will utilize the non-angular Clarity UI objects. Read more

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