April 17, 2019

Tools of the Trade - Mac Edition

Several months ago, Jon Schulman convinced me to finally give Mac a try, and I moved completely over from being a PC user. I wish I could say it had been a bad experience; but in truth - I’ve fallen totally in love with working on a Mac! For the type of work I’m doing now, it just excels! A while back, I had done a post about what my development configuration looked like on the PC - and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do another one now that I’m running on the Mac. Read more

October 16, 2018

What's in My Development Environment

What’s in the Box?! I do a ton of development work across a variety of platforms. I like to tinker with automation in various scripting forms (Python, Powershell, some Golang, Ruby (because Puppet)). I like to tinker with my blog from a website perspective, so I’m doing a lot of web language work all of the time (HTML, CSS, Typescript/Angular, etc…). I use all of the above to work back with a number of different API endpoints (too many to list; but most commonly vRA/CAS these days). Read more

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