March 10, 2019

Automating Ubuntu 18.04 vSphere Templates with HashiCorp Packer

Building Templates Manually is Boring AF Quite a while back I did a post around leveraging HashiCorp’s Packer product to build vSphere Templates. There was a couple gaps that existed coming out of that post… I was wicked new to Packer and had much to learn The Packer post-provisioner was immature when it came to vSphere Template conversion, meaning, it couldn’t do it at the time Refresher on Packer What is Packer? Read more

April 22, 2018

Workaround For Disallowed CPU (56xx Series) in My R710 vSphere 6.7 Upgrade

<img src="/images/2018-04-22-vsphere-67-homelabs-unsupported-cpu/thumbnail.PNG#center" alt=“r710 Lives”;> TL;DR: The Dell R710 is a staple in the homelab community. Many individuals have indicated that their 11g (generation) CPU’s were not allowing them to upgrade to vCenter 6.7 due to the disallowed list located here. I was able to upgrade to vSphere 6.7 on my R710’s which use an L5630 (Westmere) CPU. I’ve seen evidence that many of the 56xx series CPU’s are still allowing upgrades, despite a warning being presented. Read more

August 5, 2016

My VMWorld Session - How PG&E Is Automating Secure Environments Using NSX, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Orchestrator

A huge bucket list item for me has always been to speak at VMWorld. I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to talk about what my team has done! It’s been an interesting road building the presentation out and detailing out what I specifically wanted to talk about. Ultimately I settled on Security Automation with NSX, and XaaS (Anything as a Service) and the customization’s we’ve made via vRA with XaaS to meet our business needs. Read more

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