April 22, 2017

The New Chapter - Joining VMware

It’s funny how life changes.

I’m 2 months into my Senior Systems Engineer role at VMware, representing SLED West out of California.  At my core, I believe in growth. That’s why I ended up here. I want to grow as a technologist, outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to be a part of a company who’s products I believed in, but more importantly, who’s culture was a place I felt like I fit in at.

I feel like the experiences I gained at my prior company have really set me up for a lot of successes talking about relevant struggles. A couple of thoughts…

  • I’m obsessively passionate about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. My prior company was huge about it; and it just became a part of my core as a technologist. So many customer conversations I’m having right now have to do with BC/DR and our suite is so strong in enabling customers to meet recovery/continuity goals that every one of the conversations I’ve had has been FUN.
  • Most customers are barely scratching the surface of what they can do with vRealize Automation. Hell, maybe we as a company are barely scratching the surface of what the platform is going to be able to do?  I feel fortunate that I learned vRA from some of the best guys out there - and matured it pretty well at my prior company. I talk about it often; and it’s incredible watching the light bulb go off in peoples head when they start to think outside the box…or canvas? That was a clever joke.
  • NSX has so many use cases that it’s always a relevant conversation. Agility is incredible, DR use cases are incredible. It’s just a blast to work with.
  • Time to step up the Certification game. No more Only VCP 5.5 for me. Time to hit the books!

So What’s Next for the Blog?

The exposure I’m getting is flooding me with ideas for things that I want to share with the community overall; look forward to some new content around the following topics in the coming months -

  • vRealize Automation Plugin Tours - Puppet, Infoblox, etc…
  • Greater Anything-as-a-Service Posts - REST API, PowerCLI, “how to bend vRA to your evil will” posts
  • Containerization - I really see containerization as a really relevant conversation, especially in the SLED space. Helping our customers understand how and when to leverage containers, as well as how we enable containers is going to be great
  • API All-the-things - Helping customers understand why getting comfortable working with API’s is a good idea, and most of all, how easy it can be with a helping hand
  • General Rabble about experiences “in the nerd streets”

It’s going to be a great ride, and for those that read often - I’m excited for you to take the ride with me! '


Again, this post was more about me just dumping some thoughts as well as “formally” announcing on the blog that I’m “here” now. Looking forward to the ride, and looking forward to getting AHEAD of the blog content now, instead of always blogging about it after the fact :)

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