VMware in VR - The Virtual Reality Datacenter!

VMware in VR - The Virtual Reality Datacenter!

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Key Takeaways

  • The VMware Virtual Reality Datacenter Experience repo has gone live!

The VMware Virtual Reality Experience

Alan Renouf dropped a huge release today, the Virtual Reality experience his Hackathon team built out to prove the concept of accessing a vCenter cluster using an HTC Vive VR kit. It's a pretty cool experience, and is able to use your own homelab's vCenter within it!

Alan was kind enough to give me the opportunity to help alpha test it along the way - and it's pretty incredible to see the level of effort that went into building it out and to start thinking about whatmore can come from it. The HTC Vive uses Unity as a “game” development kit to build these experiences out. It's got a bit of a rough learning curve - but once you start playing with it you can see how truly powerful it is!

Thinking Forward…

This demo is a fun demo, but what really intrigues me is thinking about the potential real life applications that can come from this long term. Working with our “hands” is something that comes natural; and I see the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being something thats really going to grow in the coming years as consumer friendly headsets like the HTC Vive grow in popularity. Think about the scenario of being a network operations engineer, and sitting in a virtual reality environment that has all of your core data surrounding you on interactive consoles that you can manage. Imagine being able to orchestrate complex events within an environment visually, using your hands instead of typing code. It absolutely has a long ways to go; and won't be something that's here next year - but projects like Alan's create the inspiration that's needed to think of how to start the journey.

With all of that being said - As opposed to picking up my keyboard and diving into C#, I felt it more important to play Jenga with my lab VMs as shown below…

<img src=”/images/2017-10-20-vmware-vr-datacenter-announcement/ss1.jpg#center” alt="Jenga Time” style="width 700px”;>

I'd highly encourage you to take a look at Alan's post, to learn more about how Alan, William Lam, Yateendra Kulkarni, Vinod Pai and Steve Trefethen tackled an internal VMware Hackathon around this topic.

It's worth mentioning that while Alan was able to demonstrate this offering at VMworld 2017 out here in the US (Las Vegas), he was fortunate enough to stand up with “The Man” Pat Gelsinger at VMworld Europe (Barcelona) and take Pat through a live demo for the entire audience. Make sure to take a look at the video from the keynote that Alan was a part of. Again, the blog post is here - Announcing VMware VR Datacetner Experience.

In Closing…

Alan has been someone thats helped out thousands of people at this point through API's, PowerCLI and his wealth of knowledge. On top of all that, he's just a great human being. I'm extremely happy for him; and glad to see his baby heading out into the wild for community contribution!