VMWorld 2016 Sessions - Playback URLs

VMWorld 2016 Sessions - Playback URLs

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Hi All!

I've been back from VMworld for a little over a week now, and I'm way past due on doing a “final thoughts” post around the cool technology and sessions we encountered. For now though, I'll stick to being selfish and just posting back my sessions.

William Lam at VirtuallyGhetto managed to pull together all the view URLs as direct links. You can view the full list here but I've included mine below.

Important Note: You likely need to register the “first” time to view these links. As William mentions in his blog, head to http://www.vmworld.com/en/sessions/2016.html using Internet Explorer and register there using your standard information. It's free; and you likely won't get pelted with marketing junk. Once you register there you should be able to view any of the sessions I link below.** **

NET7648 - How PG&E is Automating Secure Environments Using NSX, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Orchestrator 

This session talks a little bit about our journey with the Dell/EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) offering; which is primarilly the VMware suite of cloud products. The session focuses on the vSphere/NSX/vRealize items specifically and talks a bit about how we went from 3 week delivery times for virtual server infrastructure and services, down to minimal hours. There's a few demos within. The session went really well and the audience seemed really happy with it. Its a slide deck + audio.

MGT9220 - vRealize Automation and NSX Design Experts Panel

I was really excited to be invited to participate in a panel Jad El-Zein (VirtualJad), Francesco Vigo (@FrancescoVigo), and Grant Orchard (GrantOrchard.com) (all from VMware) on an experts panel/discussion regarding the design of NSX and vRealize Automation in an enterprise environment. As the customer on the panel, I discuss some key design decisions for our environment - and let the audience pelt us with questions around designing a scalable and resilient Private Cloud environment.

NET8734 - Automating Network Security and Operations with NSX Customer Panel

In this customer panel, I was invited to participate with 3 other VMware NSX customers to discuss how we are leveraging NSX to automate tasks within our enterprise environments. We talk a little about the culture shifts with network automation, get into the technical weeds a bit about how we are solving microsegmentation problems in the enterprise, and ultimately tell a little bit of our stories around implementation.