#VMWorld2015 - Day 1 Experiences

#VMWorld2015 - Day 1 Experiences

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This post is the first post in my introductory series on my VMWorld experiences. As with all things, my opinions and personal experiences are my own and are no reflection of the company I work for.

Through a series of events I was able to actually attend VMWorld 2015. This was my first VMWorld adventure. With my companies heavy focus on vCAC/vRA/vBlock/EHC/NSX/vWhateveElseWeCanThinkOf.

I got my tickets only 3 weeks ago, so many of the sessions I really wanted to get into were already full. Consulting with a few colleagues who had attended in the past, I was told that this wasn’t going to be a huge issue. Fortunately - so far they have been right.

I’m not a huge fan of the venue being at Moscone. San Francisco is painful to navigate. I spend a lot of the time in “the City” as is, so i’m fairly familiar with the Mass Transit systems. Surface buses are rough during peak business hours - i’d encourage the use of BART whenever possible.

The hands on labs have been awesome so far, I’m especially interested in working through the Avamar hands on lab as this is a technology we’re currently evaluating. I’m trying not to spend too much time on those labs however - since they are available a few weeks after VMWorld.

VMWorld’s theme this year is “Ready for Any”. VMWares strategy is to enable you to be ready for any requirements thrown at you, through the use of their software stack. I was pretty disappointed in the keynote speech. Their new SDDC management platform is cool - but I feel like they’ve been dumping a huge focus into SDDC already - so maybe some of the wonderment of the announcement was just lost on me.

The idea of “cross cloud vMotion” is cool - but really its just the logical next step for them. With vSphere 6’s ability to cross data center vMotion already - I wasn’t surprised at this announcement.

From a session perspective, I’ve signed up for the following sessions -

MGT5913 – How VMware Improved Developer Productivity with vRealize Automation to Deploy the vRealize Automation Application Stack NET5529 – The Practical Path to NSX MGT5360 – Introducing Application Self-Service with Networking and Security Using vRealize Automation and NSX MGT5952 – What’s New and What’s Next in VMware vCloud Suite MGT5905 – How VMware uses vRealize Suite to Manage Its Engineering Labs: A Deep Dive MGT5956 – Automating SDDC using Blueprints: A foundation for DevOps MGT5973 – Automate the Deployment of NSX and Micro-Segmentation: A Deep Dive INF5211 – Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive INF5239 – How to Manage the Health, Performance and Capacity of Your Data Center, using vSphere with Operations Management MGT6046 – Designing and Building a Private Cloud for the US Department of Defense: A Customer Case Study NET5362 – Enabling Automated Network & Security Services with NSX and vRealize Automation NET5352 – Connecting Remote Sites with VMware NSX MGT6535 – Introduction to the vRealize Automation API and Command-Line Tools NET5615 – Simplify your Disaster Recovery Planning with NSX and Site Recovery Manager INF5800 – “Zero Touch” ESXi Deployment, Configuration & Upgrades with AutoDeploy and Host Profiles INF5054 – Vagrant and vSphere Integration: Building Repeatable Environments MGT4447 – Self Service That Works - Building Your XaaS in 3 Steps MGT6001 – vRealize Scale – Scaling vRealize Automation to Ten Thousand Managed Machines and Beyond!

I plan one making some posts around the bigger sessions over the next few days as I digest the discussions

Keep an eye on my upcoming posts where i’ll dive into the sessions I attended and give a bit of an overview, with any key takeaways!

Keep on Labbing, Keep on Automating!