#VMWorld2016 - Sessions I'm Participating In, Leading, and Attending!

#VMWorld2016 - Sessions I'm Participating In, Leading, and Attending!

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I wrote a blog post a few weeks back outlining my personal #VMWorld2016 session “How PG&E is Automating Secure Environments Using NSX, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Orchestrator”. What I didn’t mention is that I’m actually on 2 other Sessions during my VMWorld Stay. These sessions are “Panel” sessions with some great people. I’m incredibly honored and excited to have the opportunity to talk more about what I’ve learned over the past few years working in the Private Cloud and NSX space, as well as what PG&E is doing!



Finally as my post here discusses, this is my own session about PG&E!


In addition to the sessions I’m leading and participating in, i’m really excited for the content that’s popping up about sessions so far. As it stands - here’s the list of sessions I’m hoping to attend! This doesn’t even take into account all the Hands On Labs I want to hit, or the sessions that I fully plan on standing in line to wait list into!

vRA, API, CI, Oh My! DEVOP7674 8/29/2016
Application Self-Service with On-Demand Networking & Security from vRealize Automation and NSX MGT8733R 8/29/2016
Container Orchestration and Network Virtualization NET7935 8/29/2016
Extreme Performance Series: Virtual SAN Performance Troubeshooting STO8743 8/29/2016
Implementing DevOps with VMware vRealize and Cisco UCS DEVOP9965-SPO 8/30/2016
Multisite Networking and Security with Cross-vCenter NSX-Part 1 NET7854R 8/30/2016
Containers for the vSphere Admin CNA7522 8/30/2016
NSX Operations with vRealize Suite MGT8486 8/30/2016
Advanced NSX Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks for Experienced Users NET8680R 8/31/2016
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the vRealize Automation API MGT8332 8/31/2016
vRealize Operations Capacity Explained MGT7924 8/31/2016
Building Next-Gen Data Protection for VMware Environments with Rubrik STO8718-SPO 8/31/2016
How to Automate Cloud Operations with vRealize and NSX Featuring Lessons Learned from Deluxe Corps Transformation MGT9997-SPO 8/31/2016
vSphere Logs Grow Up! Tech Preview of Actionable Logging with vRealize Log Insight INF8845 9/1/2016
Looking forward to catching up with everyone! See you all soon!