#VWWorld2015 - Conclusion

#VWWorld2015 - Conclusion

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Well, VMWorld2015 has come to a close, and i’m safely back in the real world.

Overall, I felt really happy about the conference. A couple over things I took away

  • VMWare has a real focus on Software Defined Networking - So many sessions focused on designing, implementing, automating, and maintaining (Day 2 Operations) of the SDDC suite. We’re in exciting times with this. I’m no one of those guys that thinks the network team is going to be marginalized - I think their roles are going to be all the more critical now as we shift the repetitious work off of them. It’s uncomfortable now, it’s going to get better.
  • The future of the vRealize Automation suite is glorious - Unified blueprints thought the merging of Application Services, NSX Automation, and vRealize Automation. Tight integration with the other VMWare suite of products.
  • vRealize Orchestrator is the business - Learn it, leverage it, love it, automate with it. Every session I attended had call outs for integration with Orchestrator. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and the more I learn about it, the more I realize how much more I need to learn. Its uses are only limited by what you can step through process wise and design.

I have a lot of lessons learned from VMWorld. Things that people told me I needed to do, that I ignored. Things I knew I needed to do that I didn’t get around to. A few of those thoughts are below.

  • Be Social - I focused so much on learning, that I feel like i missed out on some great opportunities to do knowledge transfer and network with some of the top players in the game.
  • Attend Parties - I wasn’t very strategic about what I attended. Next year I’d like to attend more parties where the people I’m really interested in are at. Networking is critical in this business, and I don’t think NSX will help automate it :)
  • Hands on Labs - Some people say not to do these, because they end up available weeks later via the website, but I think the expert led ones actually would’ve been really good to attend
  • Take Good Notes - Having better notes makes writing blog posts about the stuff you see a heck of a lot easier. Imagine that!

Anywho - that’s about all I have to say about VMWorld2015. Hopefully i’ll get a VMWorld2016 to write about next time!