Where have I been? vRA 6.2.1 Upgrade, NSX 6.1.4 Upgrade, Log Insight 2.5 Upgrade, vRealize Operations 6.0.1 Upgrade...

Where have I been? vRA 6.2.1 Upgrade, NSX 6.1.4 Upgrade, Log Insight 2.5 Upgrade, vRealize Operations 6.0.1 Upgrade...

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Eventually i'll get to blog about actual Homelab stuff…once my JOB calms down…

It's been a whirlwind of a past couple of weeks. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with a colleague, I was left solo for the past 2 weeks at my company. Ironically - at the same time as all of this went down, we were scheduled for our first major upgrade to our Private Cloud Platform.

It was a pretty painless experience with the exception of a few items which i'll briefly highlight below - and detail further in a later post.

Log Insight 2.5

Easiest one first. Log insight was amazingly easy. Upload a PAK file, click upgrade - 15 minutes later everything is done. Make sure you collect your Log Insight Content Packs before hand to import in - but it was extremely easy.

vRealize Operations 6.0.1

vROps had 2 options, we could either upload a PAK and do an upgrade, or do a migration to a new appliance. We opted to do the migration to the new appliance. The deployment was very easy as well as connecting up to pull down the existing logs. I'm working on an issue where the new vROps won't register in vSphere which is pretty frustrating - but hoping to resolve that in the upcoming days. For this one - make sure you de-register your existing systems first, and be aware - the data import takes a LONG time.

vRealize Automation 6.2.1

First let me say - I really wish we could've gone straight to 6.2.2. Another argument for another day.

I pulled my hair with this upgrade for several hours. I repeatedly got errors such as “Error 2-0: Upgrade failed. Consult vami log”. The cute thing is that error was IN the vami.log which didn't really help me.

The error messages displayed after I mounted the upgrade ISO and submitted the upgrade button, so I was able to track back to where the script kicked off that started running the upgrade itself. I used these scripts to step through the upgrade manually each phase. Ultimately I discovered that while all partitions on my vCAC Appliance had 50% or greater space available - It wasn't enough for the upgrade.

Once I obliterated enough storage capacity from the appliance - the upgrade went off without a hitch!

NSX 6.1.4

This one was extremely easy, HOWEVER WAS SERVICE IMPACTING THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. The documentation would lead you to believe its not. Not true; at least not in my experience. I have some feelers out to VMware people I ran into at VMworld 2015 in hopes of getting some clarification.

All of your ESXi hosts are going to require a reboot - so be aware of that and have your vMotions ready.

We ran into an issue when upgrading the ESG's and LDR's where they would not deploy. After opening a ticket with VMware and rebooting the controllers + manager, all was well.

All and all - the upgrade series took about 3 days; working on it about 4-5 hours a day for various tasks. Not bad overall. Stay tuned for feedback on the products as well as some detailed gotchas for the platforms!