Winds of Change Blowing Into Cloud Native

Winds of Change Blowing Into Cloud Native

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Joining the Cloud Native Applications Business Unit

On October 1st I'll be joining the Cloud Native Applications Business Unit as a Staff Technical Marketing Manager, focused on Kubernetes and more specifically the “Tanzu” line of products. I'll be reporting to Boskey Savla and telling the story of how we're creating a platform that allows customers to Build, Run, and Manage a Kubernetes grid across any environment. I'll have the pleasure of getting to work with the folks from Heptio, Pivotal, the Project Pacific team, as well as the existing Enterprise PKS teams - but most importantly - I'll get to bring content around consuming these technologies out to the community!

I'll always be thankful to leaders like Hartmann Schoebel (twitterless), and Roy Ritthaler who gave me a metric ton of mentorship in the time we were together (and hopefully will continue to do so!). It's been a blast in the Cloud Management Business Unit (in so many ways), and I'm excited to take what I've learned and apply it to something a little more Cloud Native.

Why This Role? Why Now

I wish I could say it's because of the logo, which reminds me of the Iron Man Arc Reactor (which, it absolutely does remind me of). The few people I've talked to about this transition have been shocked at first. I have a great thing in the CMBU (Cloud Management Business Unit). Why would I ever want to walk away from that? This is a huge transition time for VMware. The way users consume platforms in general is drastically changing. The expectations customers have of a platform is very different than it was even 2 years ago. With that change comes a few phenomenal opportunities.

  • Personal growth - First and foremost, I saw this as an incredible chance to grow. Straight-up, I'm not a Kubernetes expert. I'm a consumer of the technology, and I've done a few “cool” things along my journey. The opportunity to learn from the heavy weight of Kubernetes knowledge that we have inside VMware was too good to pass up on (both the Heptio team that came aboard as well as the existing Enterprise PKS team). I'm a huge believer in investing in yourself in your career (you are the only one who is truly building your story). This felt like the best time for me to invest learning - while eating a massive humble pie as I learn from the greats! Also, with the Pivotal acquisition moving forward, the opportunity to learn from that group was huge as well!

  • An opportunity to be a part of transformation - Tanzu and Project Pacific are going to change VMware in a big way (technology, identity, consumption models, customers!). The opportunity to be ground floor on this transition sounded like an incredibly fun thing to be a part of. We're going to be sailing in uncharted waters here - and I didn't want to miss out on being a part of that crew.

  • An opportunity to pay the vCommunity back - I wouldn't be where I am now without the VMware community as a whole. I continue to say that getting involved in the community space has been one of the most rewarding things in my career. The new technology coming down the pipe is powerful, and at times very complex. We're aiming to make it simpler (largely through the efforts of Tanzu), but the opportunity to tell the story and help build our communities skill sets in this technology was a huge driver. Consider that ground floor 100-200 level trainings at VMworld on the topic of Kubernetes (and even Docker in general) we're packing rooms into overflow. There's definitely a need here. Getting back out into the community, and having some great conversations around the technology is going to be a blast.

So What's Next

A lot of learning. A lot. So much learning.

Something that excites me about this role (and I hinted to it above) is getting to be a part of generating content that helps “level-up” the skills of administrative teams. Teaching the vCommunity how to consume this technology, and then how VMware makes it easier to Build/Run/Manage is going to teach me a ton - but hopefully along the way I'll be able to teach the community as well.

The Kubernetes ecosystem has a fantastic open-source community, and I want to be a part of making our VMware community feel like they can jump into that community as well. The people I've worked with/talked to in the Kubernetes are incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming - so I don't see this one being too hard :)

I also can't wait to be a part of the team telling the story of how VMware is changing as the needs of our consumers change. There's a huge pool of deeply advanced users who are going to benefit from the stories we're telling in Tanzu, Tanzu Mission Control, and Project Pacific. Getting to be a part of the team that builds this content - and tells this story is going to be a fun time.

Stay tuned for more!